Kakao Operation Policy

This Operation Policy defines the standards for the branded Kakao services provided by Kakao (each a “Service” and, collectively, the “Services”) and detailed rules that must be followed by our users in order to respond to any issues that may arise in the course of operating the Services in a consistent manner. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully to avoid any difficulties (or conflict) that could arise from non-compliance with this Policy.

We are always open to your feedback on keeping our Operation Policy fair and practical so that we can continue to improve our service-related policies. We will inform you of any changes to our policies in the Service notices at least 7 days before such changes take effect.

User Rights and Obligations

Your Rights

You can contact us through our website or by phone to make any inquiries, requests and suggestions related to the Services.
Online Customer Service: Available 24 hours a day
Customer Service Center: Monday-Friday from 10:00-19:00, closed on weekends and holidays
(Available 24 hours a day for emergency requests)

  1. Kakao will not intervene or take action in connection with any disputes arising between users or any damages incurred due to negligence by users. However, if you have suffered any damages due to a breach of the Operation Policy by another customer during your use of the Services, you can report such breach to Kakao and request that appropriate action is taken according to the Operation Policy. In such a case, Kakao will review your report and take appropriate measures pursuant to the Operation Policy.

  2. If you are not satisfied with the actions taken in accordance with the Operation Policy, you may raise an objection at any time by fair means through our customer service website or by phone.

Your Obligations

You are not permitted to do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working of Kakao Services and/or violate regulations. Any users who engage in activities that are covered below may be restricted temporarily or permanently from using the Services without any prior notice.

Restrictions on Use of the Services

Illegal activities

Obscene content

Discriminatory/misleading behavior


Account abuse

Prohibited activities


Restrictions on Posts

Restrictions on Services

Restrictions on User Accounts

Registration restrictions

Any users who engage in activities that are not covered above, but which may hinder us from providing good services may be restricted from using the Services pursuant to the Terms of Service of the Company, and repeated violations may be subject to severe penalties.

Regarding Inactive Accounts

In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., Kakao may destroy or store your personal information separately and delete your account if inactive for the period mentioned below:
* KakaoTalk: Your personal information will be destroyed and your consent to the Terms of Service will be withdrawn after 1 year of inactivity.
* Kakao Account: Your personal information will be stored separately after 1 year of inactivity. If you are still inactive 4 years after your information has been placed separately, Kakao has the right to destroy your personal information and withdraw your consent to the Terms of Service.

The Operation Policies of YellowID and StoryChannel are not stated in this Kakao Operation Policy but you may view them from below.