Additional personal information collected in the Service

Additional personal information collected in the Service
Service Information to be collected
[Required] (Including country code) mobile phone number, any contact information stored in a smartphone or any other devices (ex. Name and phone number of a third-party), user name (nickname), profile picture
Open Chat > Voice Room
[Required] voice information (if fraudulent use is reported)
KakaoTogether > Donation
  • - To launch a project team: contacts, primary account number, name of account holder
  • - To request project crew registration: contacts, email
  • - To refund donation: account Number, name of account holder
  • - For applicant selection: evidential documents
  • - When requesting a receipt for contribution: name, resident registration number, address, e-mail
KakaoTogether > Mystery Bus
[Required] [To apply] contacts, age, gender
[Optional] 1365 ID for volunteer activity verification
KakaoTogether > Grateful Picnic
[Required] gender, age, contacts
KakaoTogether > Mind Weather
[Required] [To use the assessment service] age, gender, area (Gu-level)
[Required] voice command information (text) and voice information
[Optional] voice (source and features) information
(Source information is deleted after feature analysis, provided, however, that feature information shall be discarded without delay, if any Member withdraw the Service or his/her consent.)
[Optional] Child information (name, date of birth, sex, favorite character)
[Required] name, user name, email, community password
[Optional] mobile phone number, affiliation
To add your accounts: email address, password
[Optional] email address , affiliation, SNS/Website
Talk Drive Plus
[Required] Original contents and information on the original content's features (person, animal, plant, object, background etc.), content's attribute data (meta data), device contacts
Talk Card
[Required] Profile Picture, Name, Job
[Optional] SNS/Website
Leftover COVID-19 vaccine reservation
[Required] Medical facility that will administer the COVID-19 vaccine, appointment time and results
KakaoPay Purchase
[Optional] Personal Customs Code
Kakao Shopping
- When registering for a Friends Home smart device APP email : email address, password
* In case of registering a profile on the scale APP : name, sex, date of birth, weight, height
[Required] (When applying for providing no-review) e-mail
(When editing information) [Optional] e-mail
Kakao Certificate
[Required] For issuance of certificates : Name, date of birth, mobile phone number, sex, Encrypted connection information(CI), certificate data
[Required] For identity verification : Name, sex, date of birth, mobile phone number, telecommunications carrier, local/foreign residence, CI, DI
[Optional] For account holder verification : Name of the account holder, account number, name of the bank
Information to certify account ownership
[Required] Bank name, bank account number, account holder nam
Event Winners
[Required] Product to be delivered: name, address, phone number
[Optional] Mobile product: mobile phone number * (To process public charge and tax) name, resident registration number, phone number, address, email