Parties to be provided with your personal information.

Kakao will only use personal information within the scope of consent acquired, and will not disclose or share personal information beyond the scope of consent without the user's advance permission.

Status of Information Sharing and Provision
Additional personal information collected in the Service
Service Recipient Purpose of Provision Personal information to be provided
Melon Ticket
Melon Ticket
Performance Organizer/Planner

[List of Organizers and Planners]
①Process administrative works required to implement the ticket purchase agreement regarding ticket booking, cancellation, refund, customer consultation, etc.
②Cope with fraudulent bookings
①Purchaser information (ID, name, mobile phone number, email)
②Information of ticket booking, cancellation and refund
③Recipient information (name, mobile phone number, phone number), shipping address,
④Invoice number
⑤Portal ID, Year/Date of birth (for purchase of fan club products)
Event Organizer
Prize winners and delivery
ID, name, mobile phone number, address (※ May vary depending on events)