Personal information to be collected other than account profile information

계정 프로필 정보 외 별도로 수집하는 개인정보 항목 표
Service Additionally Collected Personal Information
[Optional] Payment SMS stored on mobile phones
[Optional] Date of birth, school, work, residence, gender
[Required] Name, mobile phone number
Story Channel
[Required] Name, Kakao Service friend list (KakaoTalk, KakaoStory), phone number (KakaoTalk phone number)
Story Funding
[Required] [Writer] Author name, phone number, email
[Required] [Sponsor] Name, phone number, address
KakaoTogether > Donation
- To create a project team: Phone number, account number- To request project team member registration: Phone number
- To refund donation: Account number, account holder’s name
- For applicant selection: Proof documents
KakaoTogether > Mom Bus
[Required] [To apply] gender, age, phone number
KakaoTogether > Mystery Bus
[Required] [To apply] Phone number, birth year, gender, 1365 ID
KakaoTogether > Healing
[Required] [To use the assessment service] Date of birth, gender, area (gu)
[Required] Gender, age range
Hey Kakao, kakao-i
[Required] Voice command information (text) and voice information
KakaoTalk Movie Ticketing
[Required] Kakao Account (email), mobile phone number
Flight Booking by Kakao
-. Domestic flight booking: Kakao Account, name, mobile phone number, email, date of birth, gender
-. International flight booking: Kakao Account, name, mobile phone number, email, date of birth, gender, English name, passport information (passport no, date of expiry, nationality, issuing country)
-. Visa processing: Visa information (date of birth, visa number, date of expiry, issuing country)
-. When the destination information is required: Passenger name, destination city, postal code, address
-. Refund: Account holder’s name, account name
-. Local contact information: Passenger name, city, local phone number, passenger’s phone number
-. Cash receipt request: Mobile phone number
-. Payment: Credit card no, card holder’s name, good through, password
User identification
[Required] Name, date of birth, gender, phone number, CI, DI
[Required] Deliver information (name, phone number, address) and other information such as credit card information, mobile service carrier information, voucher number that are required for payment for paid services
Event winners
[Required] Product to be delivered: Name, address, phone number
[Optional] Mobile product: Mobile phone number