Parties to be provided with your personal information.

Kakao will only use personal information within the scope of consent acquired, and will not disclose or share personal information beyond the scope of consent without the user's advance permission.

Status of Information Sharing and Provision
서비스 이용 시 제휴를 위한 제공 정보 표
Service Parties to be provided with your personal information Purpose Personal information to be provided
Mystery Bus
Mystery Bus
Participant identification, communication for service provision, volunteer activity certification
Name, phone, year of birth, 1365 ID for volunteer activity verification
Center for Happiness Studies, SNU
Statistics analysis and academic research
Year of birth, gender, region (gu)
KakaoTalk Order
Order confirmation, delivery processing and communication
Shipping address, phone
With Kakao Donation
One of the three review agencies designated based on the nature of the proposal [Community Chest of Korea, Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers or SIMIN: Civil Society Revitalization Group]
Proposal filing and review, project collection box management
Manager information (nickname, Kakao Account, phone), main account number, supporting documents (for the social welfare category)
communication for personal identification and expense payment
name (nickname), mobile phone number, e-mail
QR Code Check-In
Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local governments
when COVID-19 outbreak investigations require personal information for infection control/prevention
name, mobile phone number, the generated QR code, QR code generation time, QR code generator authentication information (A minor under 14 shall provide name and phone number of a legal representative.)
KakaoTalk Channel for Product Subscription
Product delivery, customer service response and after-sales service, Contract Progress and Settlement for Requested Product
Name, phone number, shipping address (Different address if the buyer wishes to send the product to another address), Sex, Date of Birth
KakaoTalk Wallet > Certificate
Member identification for e-signatures
Connecting information (CI)
KakaoTalk Wallet > License
Human Resources Development Service of Korea
To verify qualification information and authenticity
Name, Date of Birth, CI (Encrypted Identification Value)