Deletion of an inactive Kakao Account


Dear User,

Since 2015, Kakao has implemented an inactive account policy to protect the personal information of members who do not use the service for a long time according to the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection. 

※ Kakao's Inactive Account Policy

1. Kakao shall temporarily disable an account if it is inactive or remains non-operational by its holder for one year at a stretch, and separately keep the Kakao Account and personal information. 

2. When a user has never logged to the service with the account within four years after being temporarily disabled, the separately-kept Kakao Account and personal information shall be destroyed and deleted. 

Kakao Accounts temporarily disabled and separately kept more than four years shall be thereby deleted.

Users are unable to use the Kakao services since the Kakao Terms of Service was terminated upon the deletion above. Please be noted that individual service data used with/as Kakao Account information and Kakao Account shall be deleted. 

Besides, the inactive account notice has been sent to your e-mail address or mobile phone number registered to Kakao Account thirty (30) days before being temporarily disabled. For more details, please check the notice or Kakao Operation Policy. 

Kakao promises to keep protecting your personal information more securely. We will always be committed to serving you the best with reliable service. 

Thank you.