Notice on Temporary Permission for ICT Regulatory Sandbox


Greetings from Kakao,


Please see the following notification on the temporary permission that was granted for new technologies or services for the convergence of information and communications technology in accordance with Article 37 of the Special Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Technology and Vitalization of Convergence.


1. Temporary Permission Notice (Attach·post copy of the permit)

- Service Name : Public, administrative and private institutions' CI (connected information) batch conversion and messenger-based mobile electronic notification service

- Effective Period : March 27, 2024 - July 24, 2025

- Description of the Technology·Service : Service that enables public, administrative and private institutions to deliver and verify notifications, which were previously sent via mail, through KakaoTalk

- CI BatchConversion TemporaryPermission.pdf


2. User Precautions

- The temporary permission's criteria, standards, scope, scale, conditions etc.

ㅇTwo (2) year temporary permission for identify verification organizations* to convert resident registration numbers to CI in batches, only upon request from administrative, public or private institutions (that have legal basis to collect resident registration numbers and post notifications) that promote mobile electronic notifications in connection with Kakao.

* Korea Credit Bureau, SCI Information Service, NICE Information Service


- Personal Information Protection and Usage

ㅇPersonal Information : Name, phone number, CI

ㅇPurpose of Using Personal Information : Provide a mobile electronic notification service

ㅇProtection Method : Acquired the Personal Information & Information Security Management System (ISMS-P, Feb 1, 2023)


3. User Protection Measures

- Abide by technical and administrative protection measures for personal information

- Take out a privacy liability insurance


4. Other matters the Minister has required to notify in relations to the temporary permission

- None


Thank you.