Notice of Amendments to Kakao Account Terms and Conditions


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We'd like to thank all our members for using Kakao services.


Please be informed that amendments will be made to the Kakao Account Terms and Conditions effective April 16, 2024,

due to partial changes in Kakao's authentication service and the separate operation of the Terms of Service.


1. Amendments


Before Amendment

After Amendment

Article 4. Definition of Terms

①The Terms herein shall be defined as follows:


7."Certificate" refers to electronic information that confirms and proves the fact that digital signature generation information issued through the Company's authentication service belongs to the relevant member only.

8."Digital signatures" refer to information in electronic form attached to or logically combined with an electronic document to verify the signer's identity and indicate that the signer has signed thereon.

9."Digital Signature Generation Information" refers to electronic information used to generate electronic signatures.

10."Certified Member" refers to a member whose digital signature generation information has been authenticated by the Company.

11.In relation to the authentication service in Article 10, "User Organization" refers to a third party that wishes to use authentication service for transactions, etc. based on a certified member's digital signature and certificate. In relation to the Digital Card Service in Article 10-3, "User Organization" refers to a third party that is issued or confirms a digital card and use it for his or her work and business.

Article 4. Definition of Terms

① (Maintain)

Delete Subparagraphs 7, 8, 9, 10

7. In relation to the Digital Card Service in Article 11, "User Organization" refers to a third party that is issued or confirms a digital card and use it for their work and business.

Article 7. Provision of the Kakao Account

①The Service herein provided in association with Individual Service (hereinafter, the "Kakao Account Service" or the "Service") is defined as follows:

4."Authentication Service" refers to any and all services that utilize digital signatures and certificates provided by the Company..

Article 7. Provision of the Kakao Account

① (Maintain)

Delete Subparagraph 4

Article 10. Authentication Service

①The Company issues digital signature generation information and certificates and provides various services utilizing such digital signatures and certificates to certified members as below. In this case, the Company may add categories and types of authentication service if necessary or provide additional services separately.

1.Digital signature generation information and certificate issuance

2.Various services utilizing digital signatures and certificates

3.Simple authentication for user organization login and identity verification

4.Other services specified in the relevant operation rules for digital signature authentication

②Members must subscribe to the authentication service by providing only accurate information based on the method set by the Company and shall be converted to certified members upon receiving the certificate. The certificate is issued to only one device per KakaoAccount holder. If a certified member reissues the certificate on another device or another KakaoAccount, the previously issued certificate shall be automatically revoked.

③Certified members shall use the authentication service according to the methods set forth by the Company; safely manage their digital signature generation information, certificates, and other related information; and ensure that information provided to the Company or contained in the certificate is accurately and wholly maintained during the usage period. In the meantime, certified members shall be unable to transfer, donate, sell, or license their digital signature generation information and certificates. Moreover, if they perceive a loss, damage, theft or leakage, or any such risk, they must inform the Company of the fact.

④The Company may restrict the application and issuance of a certificate or cancel the issued certificate without a certified member's consent for any of the following cases:

1.Where an incompetent person under the adult guardianship or quasi-incompetent person under the limited guardianship sign up for the service without the consent from his/her legal representative;

2.Where the application content is determined to be false such as an application under other's name, surreptitious use of others, or the like;

3.Where the authentication process suggested by the Company was not completed, or the authentication service subscription was made through abnormal system access not determined by the Company;

4.Where a member whose service use contract was terminated due to suspension of use by the Company, violation of relevant laws or this Agreement, or the like, applies for re-use;

5.Where it is difficult to issue a certificate due to other reasons attributable to members or incompletion of application requirement set by the Company was not met.

⑤Certified members can freely use the authentication service, but they must not perform any of the following actions:

1.To access the system or use the authentication service in an abnormal way not determined by the Company;

2.To use the authentication service for illegal or unjustifiable purposes, such as issuing or implementing certificates improperly

⑥The Company may restrict all or part of the use of certificates issued to certified members and immediately revoke certificates without certified members' consent in any of the following cases:

1.Where the availability period of the certificate has passed;

2.Where a certified member failed to enter a valid certificate password;

3.Where the KakaoTalk phone number registered with a certified member's KakaoAccount was changed;

4.Where identity verification or electronic transaction is impossible due to the death or arrest of a certified member;

5.Where it was confirmed that the CI received from the identity verification agency through the signup process for the authentication service was no longer valid due to changes in nationality, gender, etc.;

6.Where the Company must restrict the use of already issued certificates for security reasons such as security procedures related to authentication services or leakage of certified members' digital signature generation information;

7.Where a war, incident, natural disaster, or equivalent emergency occurs or may occur;

8.Where a certification loss is reported through the Company's customer service;

9.Where the Company determines that a certified member violated or is likely to violate its service use policy, such as these Terms and Conditions and Operation Policy, including a case that the Company recognizes that a certified member's certificate was used illegally; and/or

10.Where there are other risks of impairing the safety and reliability of authentication services.

⑦The Company shall bear no responsibility for transactions between certified members and user organizations that use a certificate. Moreover, the Company shall not be held liable for damages caused by reasons attributable to certified members and user organizations if there is no cause imputable to the Company.

⑧Except as otherwise provided for in this section, detailed matters related to the authentication service shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations, including the Electronic Signature Act and digital signature authentication standards separately set by the Company. In addition, The Company shall guide members through authentication service notifications and customer center Help pages.

Article 10. Authentication Service

Delete Article 10.

Kakao Certificate Service Terms and Conditions to be operated separately

Article 10-2. Corporation Kakao Account


Article 15. Indemnification for Damage

Article 10. Corporation Kakao Account


Article 16. Indemnification for Damage

(Change in provision numbering)


2. Effective Date

The amended Terms and Conditions will take effect on April 16, 2024.


Thank you.