Personal information to be collected other than account profile information

계정 프로필 정보 외 별도로 수집하는 개인정보 항목 표
Service Additionally Collected Personal Information
[Optional] Date of birth, school, work, residence, gender
KakaoTogether > Donation
- To create a project team: Phone number, Key account number, account holder’s name
- To request project team member registration: Phone number, email
- To refund donation: Account number, account holder’s name
- For applicant selection: Proof documents
- When requesting a receipt for contribution: name, resident registration number, address, e-mail
KakaoTogether > Mystery Bus
[Required] [To apply] Phone number, birth year, gender, 1365 ID for volunteer activity verification
KakaoTogether > Healing
[Required] [To use the assessment service] Date of birth, gender, area (gu)
Hey Kakao
[Optional] voice (source and features) information
(Source information is deleted after feature analysis, provided, however, that feature information shall be discarded without delay, if any Member withdraw the Service or his/her consent.)
[Optional] Child information (name, date of birth, sex, favorite character)
- To set up a project: mobile phone number
- To apply for a project: mobile phone number, e-mail
- To request operating expenses: mobile phone number, e-mail
- To request activity expenses: mobile phone number, e-mail
[Required] email address
[Optional] affiliation
QR Code Check-In
[Required] name, mobile phone number, the generated QR code, QR code generation time, QR code generator authentication information, Generated Personal Safety Number
Talk Drive Plus
[Required] Original contents and information on the original content's features (person, animal, plant, object, background etc.), content's attribute data (meta data), device contacts
[Required] ID, nickname, profile image, friends list, voice data (to report any improper use)
COVID-19 unused vaccine appointments • alerts
[Required] Medical facility that will administer the COVID-19 vaccine, appointment time and result
User identification
[Required] Name, date of birth, gender, phone number, CI, DI
To consent of legal representative /
[Required] Information of legal representative(name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, telecommunications service provider, citizen/foreigner, encrypted connecting information (CI), duplication information (DI))
[Required] Deliver information (name, phone number, address) and other information such as credit card information, mobile service carrier information, voucher number that are required for payment for paid services
Information to certify account ownership
[Required] Bank name, bank account number, account holder nam
Event winners
[Required] Product to be delivered: Name, address, phone number
[Optional] Mobile product: Mobile phone number