Entrusted Parties for Personal Information Handling

개인정보 위탁업체 표
Entrusted Parties Affair Personal
Information Use Period
Trans Cosmos Korea, dk service, dk business
Customer center operation, inquiry handling
Until the user’s deregistration or the termination of entrustment agreement
dk techin
Service development & operation
Danal, NICE, Dream Security
Age verification for services with age requirement, user identification for payment processing
LG U+, Info Bank, SureM, infobip, Nexmo, Syniverse Technologies
SMS sending
ThinkAT, SureM, Sejong Telecom
ARS authentication
LG U+, SK Boradband, KT, SK Telink, Sejong Telecom
Safe number service
LG U+, KakaoPay, KG Inicis, KG Mobilians, Danal
Payment processing (mobile phone, transfer without bank account, wire transfer, credit card,, gift certificate and other payment methods, refund account verification), prevention of wrongful payment
Galaxia Communications
Convenience store payment
CNT Tech
Customer service for KakaoTalk Order
-. Service development & operation, customer service for KakaoMakers

-. Supply chain and shipping (Including re-consignment companies of Kakao Makers Corp.)
Service development & operation, customer service for Kakao Channeling Games
Insignal, LD Networks, Hajen
Speaker A/S, customer service
Kakao Commerce Corp.
-. evelopment and operation of "Recommended gifts for a birthday friend"

-. Customer care for a KakaoTalk user who has received a gift
Consent and identity verification of the legal representatives for collecting personal information of users aged under 14