Parties to be provided with your personal information.

Kakao will only use personal information within the scope of consent acquired, and will not disclose or share personal information beyond the scope of consent without the user's advance permission.

Status of Information Sharing and Provision
Additional personal information collected in the Service
Service Recipient Purpose of Provision Personal information to be provided
Mystery Bus
Mystery Bus
communication for participant identification and service provision, and/or verification of volunteer activity
gender, contacts, year of birth, 1365 ID for volunteer activity verification
Grateful Picnic
communication for participant identification and service provision
gender, contacts, age, nickname
Mind Weather
Seoul National University Center for Happiness Studies
statistical analysis and academic research
year of birth, gender, area (Gu-level)
KakaoTalk Order
confirmation of order, processing of delivery, a smoother communication
shipping address, contacts
One (1) designated examination authority among ['One Heart Two Loves' Campaign by Community Chest of Korea (CCK), Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers, Beautiful Foundation, Work Together Foundation] according to the nature of a proposal
acceptance/review of a proposal, management of project funding
person in charge (name, Kakao Account, contacts), the primary account number, evidential documents (in case of social welfare sector)
communication for personal identification and expense payment
name (nickname), mobile phone number, e-mail
QR Code Check-In
Ministry of Health and Welfare, The Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), and local governments
when COVID-19 outbreak investigations require personal information for infection control/prevention
name, mobile phone number, the generated QR code, QR code generation time, QR code generator authentication information (A minor under 14 shall provide name and phone number of a legal representative.)
Kakao Subscription ON
Product delivery, customer service response and after-sales service, Contract Progress and Settlement for Requested Product
Name, phone number, shipping address (Different address if the buyer wishes to send the product to another address), Sex, Date of Birth
KakaoTalk Wallet > Certificate
Member identification for e-signatures
Connecting information (CI)
KakaoTalk Wallet > License
Human Resources Development Service of Korea
To verify qualification information and authenticity
Name, Date of Birth, CI (Encrypted Identification Value)
COVID-19 unused vaccine appointments • alerts
The Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), vaccine administering facility (medical facility), local government
To administer the COVID-19 vaccine and execute administrative tasks, including issuing vaccine certificates
The value (CI) created after the individual's self-verification, phone number, name, vaccine administering medical facility, appointment time
KakaoTalk Wallet QR
Verify QR code/barcode and confirm when issues arise
Kakao Account (phone number), user identity verification information (name, date of birth), QR code/barcode transaction number
Electronic vaccination certificate
Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
Issue COVID-19 electronic vaccination certificated and check validity
Information holder verification information (CI), duplicate subscription information (DI), phone number, name
KakaoPay Purchase
Product purchase and delivery, customer service, customs clearance processing
Purchaser's name (nickname), mobile phone number, delivery address (recipient, delivery address, phone number), personal customs code
Kakao Shopping
Delivery of ordered products, customer consultation and complaint management
Recipient's name, recipient's contact information, shipping address, purchaser's contact information
Delivery of ordered products, customer consultation and complaint
- Delivery/Subscription/Rental products : Purchaser's contact information, recipient's information(name, address, contact information)
- Accommodation ticket/Plane ticket/ticket product : Purchaser's contact information, recipient's information(name, contact information)
- Consultation reservation product: name, contact information
Kakao Bank Co., Ltd.
(For loan applicants within the Kakao Bank Service) Setting interest rates or credit limits related to credit transactions, data analysis for establishing credit evaluation and credit risk management policies
Kakao Shopping usage information for the last 6 months(number of purchases, number of refunds, accumulated amount, etc.)
Kakao Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Kakao Page Free Cash Payment Partnership
Mobile phone number, product purchase history(order number, price, product name, quantity, option)
Kakao Pay Co., Ltd.
Subscription and use of receipt service, create/send e-receipt and manage details, analyze and provide customized information service
Membership number, e-receipt items, details
SSG.COM Co., Ltd.
Customer consultation and complaint management
Name, shipping address, contact information, order number, inquiry details
Chanel Korea Co., Ltd. Gucci Korea Co., Ltd. Dyson Korea Co., Ltd. Loccitane Korea Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Co., Ltd. Samsung C&T Co., Ltd. Mpnavi Co., Ltd. Blinkk Project Co., Ltd. Blinkk Project Co., Ltd. Poled Co., Ltd. DavidToy Co., Ltd. Hans Pumpkin Co., Ltd. Ji International Co., Ltd. Litandard Co., Ltd. I.I Combined Co., Ltd. Seoul Food Industrial Co., Ltd. SJCO Co., Ltd. Ionetech Co., Ltd. LF Co., Ltd. Sungjoo D&D Co., Ltd. JESTINA Co., Ltd. Platonv Co., Ltd. Worldwide Brands Co., Ltd. Swarovski Korea Co., Ltd. IVG Co., Ltd. Megatrade Co., Ltd. Sejung Seoul Branch CO., Ltd. Goldendew Co., Ltd. Tiffany Korea Co., Ltd. Richemont Korea Co., Ltd. Daniel Wellington Korea Co., Ltd.
Provision of purchase benefits (point reward, etc.) and sales analysis, handling partnership complaints
* Member information : Purchaser's membership number, mobile phone number, email address
* Purchase information : order number, date and time, product information, quantity, price
Loreal Co., Ltd.
Offer purchase benefits (rewards, etc.) through membership subscription by brand
* Member information : Purchaser's membership number, mobile phone number, email address
* Purchase information : order number, date and time, product information, quantity, price