Parties to be provided with your personal information.

Kakao will only use personal information within the scope of consent acquired, and will not disclose or share personal information beyond the scope of consent without the user's advance permission.

Status of Information Sharing and Provision
Additional personal information collected in the Service
Service Recipient Purpose of Provision Personal information to be provided
Mom Bus
provision of the Mom Bus program
name, gender, age, contacts, Kakao Account, nickname
Mystery Bus
Mystery Bus
communication for participant identification and service provision, and/or verification of volunteer activity
gender, contacts, year of birth, 1365 ID for volunteer activity verification
Grateful Picnic
communication for participant identification and service provision
gender, contacts, age, nickname
Mind Weather
Seoul National University Center for Happiness Studies
statistical analysis and academic research
year of birth, gender, area (Gu-level)
KakaoTalk Order
confirmation of order, processing of delivery, a smoother communication
shipping address, contacts
One (1) designated examination authority among ['One Heart Two Loves' Campaign by Community Chest of Korea (CCK), Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers, SIMIN] according to the nature of a proposal
acceptance/review of a proposal, management of project funding
person in charge (name, Kakao Account, contacts), the primary account number, evidential documents (in case of social welfare sector)
Flight Booking by Kakao
Travel agency: KRT Corp. NAEIL Tour Co., Ltd., YBTOUR, LOTTE Tour, MyRealTrip Inc., MODETOUR Network Co. A travel Co. TOURBAKSA Co. Onlinetour. Co., Ltd., WHYPAYMORE Co., Ltd., Webtour Co., JauTour Co., Verygoodtour Co., Ltd., TIDESQUARE CO. LTD., HANJIN TRAVEL Co. Ltd. 

Domestic/International Airlines
flight booking and ticket collection, a smoother communication
Kakao Account, name, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, English name, passport information (passport number, expiration date, nationality, issuing country), visa information (date of birth, visa number, visa expiration date, issuing country), passenger name, city of sojourn, address, contacts, credit card information (card number, card holder's name, expiration date, password, etc.)
communication for personal identification and expense payment
name (nickname), mobile phone number, e-mail

Status of Transfer of Personal Information Overseas
Service Entrusted Party Information Management Officer & Contact Info Purpose Items to be Transferred Country Transfer Date & Method Use Period
Airline Ticket by kakao
To provide services required for air travel including flight booking and ticketing
Kakao Account, name, mobile phone, email, date of birth, gender, English name, (Passport No, date of expiry, nationality, issuing country), via information (visa no, date of expiry, issuing country), passenger name, destination, address, contact info, credit card info (card no, cardholder name, good through, password)
Data to be transferred upon completion of flight booking and payment via a joint network
For 5 years after transfer or until contract expiration