Entrusted Parties for Personal Information Handling

개인정보 위탁업체 표
Consignment company Purpose of consignment work
transcosmos Korea Inc.
The White Communication
operation of customer center and counseling
Dreamsecurity Co. Ltd.
SCI Information Service INC.
Danal Co., Ltd.
Korea Credit Bureau Co., Ltd.
Raon Secure
identity verification and adult certification
Toss Payments Co., Ltd.
KakaoPay corp.
KG INICIS(Subcontractor: KS Korea Employment Information)
Danal Co., Ltd.
processing of payment (via mobile phone, direct deposit without a bankbook, account transfer, credit card, gift voucher, other payment methods)
LG Uplus Corp.
InfoBank Corp.
SUREM Co. Ltd.
Infobip Co.
Syniverse Technologies
Tata Communications
KT Corporation
Sending Text Messagee
infobip, Vonage
Mobile originated (MO) service
dk techin
development and operation of services
SK Broadband Co., Ltd.
ARS verification
SK Broadband Co., Ltd.
provision of Security Number service
Toss Payments Co.,Ltd.
Cash receipt issuance and account validation
Development and operation of game services, customer consultation
Kaonmedia Co. Ltd.(Subcontractor: S1 Hitech Co., Ltd.)
speaker A/S, handling of customer satisfaction (CS), customer reception system
Production and operation of the KakaoTogether service contents
Keep (Subcontractor: dk Techin)
Service development and operation
Customer Support and A/S for the HeyKakao Service
KnWorks, UBASE Inc., transcosmos Korea Inc.
Handlling of a report and monitoring, Service quality management including content inspection
Dozn Corporation
Cash receipt issuance and bank account ownership certification
Kakao Entertainment Co., Ltd.(Subcontractor: K&Works Co., Ltd., dk Techin)
customer counseling for Kakao Music Services, development/operation of the Services
goodsFLOW Co., Ltd.(Subcontractor: Postal Service, CJ Logistics, Hanjin Express, Lotte Express, Rosen Express, Ilyang Express)
Product return processing, delivery tracking
LG Uplus Co., Ltd.
Send/Receive customer center complaint documents
Product Delivery
Product Delivery
Fastbox, CJlogistics Co., Ltd.
Product Delivery
Secta9ine, Coop Marketing, Zlgoon, GS NetVision, Smartcon, Wincube Marketing, T Scientific, BGF Networks, KT Alpha, Galaxia Moneytree, M12, 11Street, Gift Letter, Daou Technology, Supercon
Refund for remaining amount on a digital coupon
Famost Co., Ltd.
Friends Store sales and sales operation substitution
Koscom. Co., Ltd.(Subcontractor: BD Co., Ltd.)
Use of (base)relay agency services in response to the request for sending personal credit information.
Suprema, ODEAN Robotics, OrderQueen, Armatura, SUNGHYUN System, Zeonix
출입 QR 서비스 운영
KG Inicis(Subcontractor: KS Korea Employment Information), LinkHub, Mobile Entropy, Daou Data, Dozn, Initech, KICA, Raon White Hat, Dream Security, HanCom With, Wizvera, Hecto Financial, COOCON, Lemon Healthcare
Relay and send Kakao Certificate data
Confirmation of consent of a legal representative when collecting personal information of children under 14 years of age, and verification of the legal representative's identity
To develop and operate a linking system for KakaoTalk Reservation.
Comtrue Technology
Scrapping service
Identity verification, To verify the account owner.
Hecto Financial Inc., Danal Co., Ltd.
Account occupancy authentication
NBT(Subcontractor: CS Factory Co., Ltd., Will & Vision Co., Ltd.)
Development, implementation and operation of systems to provide the KakaoTalk Rewards service, customer service handling.
TableManager Co., Ltd., Somssidang Company
Management of Reservations and Customer Support
Kakao Brain
development and operation of AI services